Computer Vision Stress
Research shows that visual stress decreases productivity in
70-75% of computer-users. Resolving this stress will increase
visual comfort and efficiency leading to:

Increased productivity (4-19% per employee)

Decreased workers' compensation expenses

Increased job satisfaction

For this reason  Dr. Meade offers a one-hour lecture to improve
visual comfort and efficiency:
Doctor, My Eyes..........
Are Killing Me!
How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and
Happy at the Computer Workstation
The presentation will include:
Useful facts about eyes and vision

Signs and symptoms of computer vision stress

Treatment options

Lighting and glare

How to reduce visual stress
If this sounds like the type of presentation that would benefit your group,
then please contact
Vision Science Works and Dr. Meade will
discuss the specifics of the lecture with you.
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This lecture is for information purposes only,
and is not meant to promote an
optometric practice or sell optical goods.

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