About Dr. Meade
Dr. Robert F. Meade is a college professor, optometrist, vision consultant, and
full-time lecturer specializing in eyes, vision, and optics. He earned a B.S. in
biology from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in 1982, and a doctorate
in optometry from SUNY State College of Optometry in 1991. He currently lives
in Denville, New Jersey with his wife and two children.

Dr. Meade practiced optometry for twelve years before deciding to use his
optometric education and clinical experience to pursue full-time public
speaking. After examining thousands of patients and treating their visual
problems he realized that many people were unaware of how the human visual
system works: Computer-users were either uninformed or misinformed about
computer vision stress, and teachers and parents didn't realize that a child with
an easily treated vision problem could be misdiagnosed as having either ADD
or dyslexia.

Vision Science Works evolved from a simple goal: Dr. Meade's desire
to teach people important facts about vision. He spends most of his time
speaking on two very important issues:
Computer vision stress, and
learning-related vision problems. He is also available to lecture on the career of
optometry, age-related eye disease, and refractive surgery.
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