Vision and Learning
Vision is responsible for up to 90% of what we learn. When our
visual system is working well, the learning process is more effective.
If a child has an undiagnosed vision problem, it could lead to:

Inappropriate Behavior

Decreased Comprehension

Task Avoidance

Dr. Meade has diagnosed and treated vision problems in thousands
of children. His one-hour lecture is designed to help educators and
parents understand the relationship between vision and the learning
Vision and Academic
How to Identify Learning-Related
Vision Problems
The presentation will include:
How children process visual information

Visual demands in the classroom

Classroom behavior related to vision problems

Treatment options

Computers and visual stress
This presentation is designed for teacher in-service programs, students
enrolled in teacher certification classes, and PTA meetings. Please
Vision Science Works and Dr. Meade will discuss the
specifics of the lecture with you.
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This lecture is for information purposes only,
and is not meant to promote an
optometric practice or sell optical goods.

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